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Set Yourself Free:

Daydream it... Believe it...

Achieve it!

Create the person you’ve always known you could be!

In 2017, Michael released his new book "Set Yourself Free: Daydream it... Believe it... Achieve it!" to widespread acclaim. Set Yourself Free is a call to action to people everywhere who are not fulfilling their potential, feel stuck and aren't sure what to do about it.

Drawing from his own life experiences and stories of well-known people who have struggled on their road to success, Set Yourself Free outlines tangible and achievable steps that position the reader to pursue goals they might feel are outside their grasp. Seven time Emmy Award winner and ABC-TV correspondent John Quiñones wrote the Foreword.

The book is a powerful call to action and practical guide for achieving success and happiness. Two out of three people are not satisfied with the direction their lives are taking and fail to grasp the opportunities in front of them to lead vibrant, genuine and purposeful lives. The content of Set Yourself Free illustrates how to pursue your daydreams, overcome the paralysis of fear, and take courageous steps in your life. The book teaches how to:

  •  Conquer procrastination
  •  Stay focused on your goals
  •  Turn negative influencers into positive action steps
  •  Get organized and follow through

​Contained in the book is the road map to achieve your rightful place as a joyful, fulfilled individual. It takes courage to recognize the need for personal change, but if you take it one day and one task at a time, and forge ahead with commitment and confidence, you can accomplish great things.


"Set Yourself Free is so good, I've had all four of my daughters read it. Michael takes his readers on a journey of introspection to reflect on what is and isn't important; what is and isn't working in their lives and what the real meaning of happiness and living life to its fullest is all about. It's a common sense book that's a quick read and full of motivating and inspiring stories and advice that every reader will benefit from."

- Geoff Ballotti - President & CEO, Wyndham Hotel Group

"Everyone can find something useful in this quick-read ‘gem’ of a book. As a successfully retired executive, I was not sure what this book could teach me. But Set Yourself Free is not just another self-help book. The inspirational stories told by the author, along with Mike's simple skills-building practices, will transform your way of thinking about yourself, your career, your relationships and your life. The keys to your pursuit of happiness - no matter what your stage in life - are found in the pages of this book!!"

- Elizabeth Culligan - Former President of Nabisco International and Former COO and President of A&P Supermarkets

“As a fellow Notre Dame alum, I am pleased to endorse Mike Lyons’ excellent new book Set Yourself Free. Having overcome significant odds myself to achieve my goal of playing football for Notre Dame (and having my story immortalized on film in the movie ‘Rudy’), I can easily relate to the ‘Never Give Up!’ attitude Mike expresses in this inspiring and insightful book. If you follow Mike’s wise advice, new opportunities and successes await you.”

- Daniel “Rudy” Ruettiger - Motivational Speaker & Subject of the Award-Winning film “Rudy”

“In a world filled with vacuous fluff, it is nice to see an expert cut through the nonsense and establish what is real. Set Yourself Free is classic Lyons: fun, informative and filled with the wisdom that only a guy who has ‘set himself free’ could provide. In his recipe for happiness, he not only tells you HOW but more importantly WHY. The book is remarkable in its ability to ‘clear the air’ and reestablish those things that make the life journey everything you wanted it to be.”

- Steve Sullivan - Author of Wall Street Journal Best Pick “Remember This Titan” and Award-winning Performance Guru

“Michael lives the way he writes and totally walks the talk. Only someone with his life and business experience could write such an inspiring book. Out of the many golden nuggets you will find, my favorite is: ‘In this day and age, we are at a critical point where those who lack self-discipline will be eaten alive by the deluge of distractions that grow with each passing day.’ I truly enjoyed it and have saved some words in my ‘Quotes’ notes.”

- Eric Rozenberg - Author of “Meeting at C-Level – An Executive Guide for Driving Strategy”, and President of Swantegy

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